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  • German


Specialised Translations

The native-speaking specialists at Eifert.S.S.C. supply clients in various industries with prompt, professional translations of any business documents in all languages:

  • user guides, manuals, handbooks, technical documents, catalogues, manufacturing/maintenance instructions, product descriptions
  • websites and software
  • contracts, bylaws, briefs, terms and conditions, public tenders
  • presentations, minutes of meetings
  • job descriptions, employment advertisements
  • brochures, leaflets, professional magazines, advertising materials, press releases
  • staff bulletins, work schedules
  • annual reports, balance sheets, auditing reports, compliance reports
  • company correspondence
  • court rulings, legal forms/transcripts, legislative documents

We guarantee absolute confidentiality and data security. Moreover, for your convenience and satisfaction we offer you three packages: standard, express (speedy service for urgent orders)
and premium (four-eyes principle: the translation is proofread by a second specialist)

Certified Translations

Our translators, who are authorised and under oath, have a proven track record of producing certified translations of legal documents, such as registration certificates or patent specifications. Standard or express (speedy service for urgent translations) options are available.

Proofreading and editing

Often companies ask us to check their documents and materials, e.g. a draft of a publication in English, for possible language errors and to revise them with regard to business terminology, style, punctuation, clarity, and content coherence. This is of course no problem for our experienced native speakers, who will promptly deliver the proofread text together with their corrections and remarks. Standard, express (speedy service for urgent orders) and premium (four-eyes principle: the text is proofread and edited by two specialists) options are available.

Summaries and Explanations

In some cases the client does not want the entire document translated but needs only to know the gist of what is written. In such situations we can save your time and money and provide you with a translated summary/explanation only – also on the phone, if you prefer.


We can produce highly customised industry-, company- and function-specific terminology databases by using state-of-the-art translation memory (TM) systems, specialised glossaries and terminology extraction/consolidation tools. This process reduces translation times, greatly improves terminological consistency across the company and assures higher quality of translations. We recommend it for various types of technical documentation, websites and software, product catalogues, and other such materials that require terminology management.

Localisation and Adaptation

It is a well-known fact that people’s mentality varies significantly from one country to another. This has many aspects, such as different sensitivity to certain figures of speech, different idiomatic forms, different levels of formality, different sense of humour, different business jargon, etc. Moreover, in some cases, common phrases and words can mean completely different things, even if the “same” language is spoken (e.g. Spain and Mexico). Therefore, when it comes to corporate websites, published materials or presentations, the translation ought to be adjusted to the cultural-linguistic conventions of the target country to avoid misunderstandings and sometimes embarrassments. We at Eifert.S.S.C. produce translations for you that address such nuances and thus help you to boost your international reputation and revenues.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

How texts are translated is important, but how they are presented optically is even more important. Translated segments can be shorter or longer than the original (e.g. no longer fit in the designated space on a website or in a PowerPoint presentation), key semantic elements can be shifted, and also the ‘optical’ expectations of different end users could vary. In other words, the right look – the layout – of your website, marketing material or presentation can become the make-or-break factor for your success.

Our translators work together with experienced graphic designers, who utilise professional software tools, such as In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, and Quark-Xpress, to ensure that the translated version of your website, advertising materials, brochures, and presentations look professional and appealing. We can also do foreign language typesetting, text formatting and image processing for you, so that your document in foreign language is ready for printing.

Transcripts, Subtitles, Dubbing

We also offer professional, precise transcription of business meetings, presentations, seminars, interviews, and legal hearings as well as subtitles or dubbing for commercial films and CDs. A combination of our high-tech recording/synchronisation tools and our native-speaking dubbing artists is a key to product excellence and client satisfaction.

Project Management

You have a more complex challenge, like organising a large international event, which will be attended by guests from 30 different countries, will require various publications and presentations, and will be held in several formats…
No worries! We will assign an experienced project manager to identify the foreign language strategy and to coordinate the work towards top-quality results.


Eifert.S.S.C. offers a consecutive, whispered or simultaneous interpreting in different languages and in different business situations:

  • presentations
  • meetings, e.g. board meetings at multinational companies
  • negotiations, e.g. takeover negotiations or contract negotiations
  • factory tours
  • product introductions
  • conferences
  • congresses
  • exhibitions and fairs
  • phone calls

Our experienced interpreters can also support you during teleconferences and videoconferences, which reduces travelling costs and offers maximum flexibility.